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About Us

We believe that the power of plants should be accessible to all who are seeking an optimal mind, body and spirit connection.

By collaborating with farmers, botanists and experts that share our ethos and mission, integrity is ensured from cultivation to distribution.

Plant Alchemy offers a range of premium botanical products that combine the wisdom of ancient cultures with modern science for a holistic approach to health and wellness.

We now offer our products to selective resellers including medical and medicinal clinics, holistic practitioners across all fields of health, and ambassadors dedicated to plant-based health and wellness.

Our Story

In 2016, The Alchemist's Kitchen was birthed to celebrate the power of plants, and educate consumers on a new generation of plant-based remedies for health and wellness.

Plant Alchemy was conceived as a premium offering of branded CBD and functional botanical formulations, perfectly aligned with the mission of The Alchemist's Kitchen, to provide trust-based sourcing from seed, grow, extraction, testing, and education via a resident network of trained herbalists retail associates.

Conscious CBD

When it comes to plant-based medicines for everyones health and wellness, every step, from cultivation to distribution matters. Here is how this materialises:

 CBD Difference

CBD Differences