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Introducing El Puente

Access & Benefit Sharing with Indigenous people through Reciprocity. 

Plant Alchemy’s mission is to weave ancient plant wisdom with modern science to create the most efficacious, pure and 100% plant-based products that sustain wellness and elevated vitality.

We want to live in a world where we can trust in the healing power of plant medicine and where the inner healing of the individual can help shape a new future where we live in harmony with the natural ecosystems that we rely on to survive.

Plant Alchemy is a core brand within a larger ecosystem of companies called Woven Science, which backs and builds leading psychedelic and wellness companies. Embedded in the DNA of Woven Science is its foundation called El Puente, the bridge between Indigenous wisdom and modern science while allowing for the reciprocal transfer of resources dedicated to Indigenous biocultural preservation. We at Plant Alchemy are grateful to be able to support this incredible foundation doing valuable work in this world.

Reciprocity is a pivotal part of our plant wellness ecosystem, and our commitment to El Puente allows us to commit to this, bringing our community with us on the journey. The summary below sets out in more detail the mission of this incredible project.


El Puente is making grants and investments focusing on capacity building through indigenous owned and directed projects that support indigenous biocultural preservation.


El Puente is protecting ecosystems working with the people who steward them, building projects for regenerative agriculture, conservation and cultural development.

Humans are intrinsically connected with the natural world, and as our ecosystems dwindle, so do the cultures that have nurtured and protected them for millenia. While the world's 370 million indigenous peoples make up less than 5% of the total human population, their territories include 25% of the world's land surface supporting around 80% of the earth’s biodiversity. With access to the resources and benefits arising from this resurgence in psychedelic and botanical research, advocacy, and capital, the indigenous groups at the front lines of the climate crisis have the power to mitigate some of its worst effects. El Puente embodies the principles of our interconnectedness with nature by supporting the wisdom of the indigenous people that coexist with Earth’s precious natural ecosystems and who use plant-based and natural medicines in their cultural and spiritual practices.


El Puente is supported by a Council of Indigenous leaders as special advisors with veto powers in capital allocation decisions.


El Puente is drafting public policies and stakeholder initiatives for corporate social responsibility (CSR) and environmental and social governance (ESG) within the psychedelics industry. You can read its policy paper in English, Portuguese, and Spanish.

The paper, the result of research and direct interviews with experts and leaders in the indigenous advocacy, pharmaceutical, and psychedelics sectors, explores:

  • Bio-cultural conservation: Legal action to protect against unsustainable harvesting of botanical psychedelic plants and preservation ofI indigenous cultural practices

  • Appellations of Origin: Indigenous intellectual property protection over the names and brands of psychedelics and their associated rituals

  • Regulatory Sandboxes for entrepreneurship: Giving special taxation and regulation exemptions for Iindigenous communities to develop products and provide services on the open market

  • Financial sharing: Mandates for how companies should share a portion of revenue with designated Indigenous groups to support bicultural preservation.


For every dollar that you spend, Plant Alchemy gives back a portion of revenue to support El Puente causes. You can be a part of this incredible effort to support indigenous communities to continue to steward and regenerate our precious natural ecosystems that we rely to survive.

We’ll be sharing more information on how Plant Alchemy will be bringing El Puente closer to its community in the coming weeks., but you can also be kept up to date with key announcements in the coming weeks.